How to Paint Fabric with Fusion Mineral Paint

Give your old furniture a new facelift with Fusion Mineral Paint

With the extreme cost of reupholstery these days, we have found a way to give fabric a new facelift!

We found this vintage couch in an estate sale and knew we needed it.

old vintage couch 

We planned on using this couch in our new retail location as a platform to paint on, but also a very Instagram worthy location for photos.  We added a piece of Plywood to the bench where the cushions would typically lay.  

Transforming a vintage couch with Fusion Mineral Paint's Transition and Rose Water

Once the Plywood was in, we got to the fun part! PAINT!  We started with Transition by Fusion Mineral Paint.

We mixed our transition with water.  3/4 Transition 1/4 Water.  

Transition is made out of recycled paint pigment. Its whole purpose is to help go from a dark colour to a light colour without using extra paint.  Transition is much cheaper in cost as well! So who doesnt love that?

Here is my affiliate link to Fusion Mineral Paint Transition.


Once the Transition was dry, we got to painting!! THE FUN PART! We chose Rose Water by Fusion Mineral Paint.  When painting fabric with Fusion, it is best to think of it like applying a stain.  You want to water down your paint 50/50 for your first coat.  This helps your furniture piece not be crunchy or crack after your paint has dried.  

We chose Rose Water by Fusion Mineral Paint.  Rose Water is such a soft pink and it was totally on brand with our new store! Who the heck doesn't love a good pink couch to take photos on with their friends? 


As fabric is much for absorbent, it does take more paint than usual to get a full coverage.  For our next coat we changed our water mixture.  We went from 50/50 to 25% water and 75% paint.  This is where you'll really start to get excited and see a difference!

Our dog joined us and was extremely happy with the progress!

When we were happy with the coverage we used a fine grit sand paper and gave the couch a little sand.  This just helps smooth things out, and provide a soft surface.  

Add a pop of metallic shine 

THEN WE ADDED METALLICS. WOOHOO!  We new we needed this beautiful trim work to POP!  By mixing a variety of Fusions Metallic paints together, we came up with a super soft pink.  We mixed Pearl and Rose Gold together.  We brushed the paint on with our all favourite Staalmeester Brush, the One Series Decoration Spalter #20.  

Finally, we added a wax.  We chose Fusions Lavender Scented Furniture Wax because who doesn't want the scent of Lavender floating around while you work? 

We used half of an old t-shirt and buffed the wax into the fabric.  We let it sit for about 20 minutes. Just enough time to kick back and admire the beauty.  Then we used the remaining half of the old t-shirt to buff the wax off.  This just ensures you remove any access.  

Instagram worthy painted couch

Finally we carried this beautiful couch over to our retail location. Don't worry, its not a long walk, its just two doors down from our shop space.  We purchased a custom neon sign from  Neon Lights Canada and hung it above the couch! 


What do you think?  We absolutely love it!