Using Fusion Mineral Paint as easy as it can be!  Here are a handful of our basic tips to get you feeling confident and ready to start your next project!

Do I need to prep my surface?

Prepping your furniture for Fusion Mineral Paint is a fun and creative process that involves the following basic steps:

Embrace the Clean: Give your furniture a thorough cleaning to banish dirt, grime, and grease using Fusions TSP Alternative

Sand: Get your sanding groove on! The purpose of this is to open up pores so your paint has a surface to stick to.  Lightly sand glossy or varnished surfaces with a 120-220 grit sandpaper.

Get your dust on:  Remove excess dust from your project with a microfibre cloth.

The amount of paint you'll need!

Typically we say it is safest to go with two coats of paint! 

When using Fusion Mineral Paint, applying two coats ensures a smooth and even finish. The first coat serves as a base, creating a foundation for the color to build upon. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat, which will provide depth and richness to the color, enhancing the overall look of your piece. Applying two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint guarantees a professional and polished result that will make your furniture truly stand out.

Adding a "Top Coat" to your project!

Fusion Mineral Paint comes with a built-in topcoat for a strong and lasting finish. But why stop there? Adding more topcoats amps up the protection against scratches, stains, and fading, while allowing you to customize the sheen and texture. With extra topcoats, your Fusion Mineral Paint project will look stunning and stay protected for years to come!

Wondering if Fusion Mineral Paint is worth it? 

Fusion Mineral Paint is the superhero your furniture needs! With its built-in topcoat and easy application, it's like a magical makeover in a bottle. Say goodbye to tedious priming and multiple coats – Fusion Mineral Paint swoops in to save the day with its one-step wonder. Plus, it's available in a rainbow of vibrant colors, transforming your dull furniture into dazzling works of art. Get ready to unleash your inner DIY hero and experience the joy of Fusion Mineral Paint – because your furniture deserves to be fabulous!

Using Fusion Mineral Paint is as easy as it can be! By following these basic tips, you'll feel confident and ready to start your next furniture project. Embrace the clean by thoroughly cleaning your furniture with Fusion's TSP Alternative. Sanding opens up pores for better paint adhesion, and removing dust ensures a smooth surface. When it comes to the amount of paint needed, two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint provide a professional and polished finish. Adding extra topcoats enhances protection and allows for customization.

Fusion Mineral Paint is truly worth it, offering a magical makeover in a bottle with its built-in topcoat and vibrant colors. Unleash your inner DIY hero and let your furniture shine with Fusion Mineral Paint!

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