New Fusion Mineral Paint Colours 2023

Introducing the New Fusion Mineral Paint Colour Collection


Introducing the 2023 Fusion Mineral Paint colour launch. This collection showcases the harmonious fusion hues that have been designed to compliment a wide range of trending styles. Fusion has carefully crafted each colour to ignite distinctive mood and atmosphere. These tones will help you effortlessly transform any room into a serene sanctuary or a captivating focal point.

Wood Wick

Inspired by candle-lit evenings, Wood Wick is a cozy, mid-tone brown. This shade pulls its tone from opposite ends and meets confidently in the middle. 

This piece was painted in Wood Wick by us here at River and Oak Living.  


Bold and enchanting, this shade is perfectly balanced in green, black and subtle bronze undertones for a confident, everlasting look.

These perfect side tables were painted by Ashley Lepre from Brantford Finders Keepers


 Inspired by the timeless quality of its namesake, Parchment is an off-white that is effortlessly multi-tone. An alluring but subtle mix that leads with its green undertones.

This beautiful table was painted by Julie Breeze from the _______


Soft and earthy, this mid-tone green is perfectly balanced. Rounded out in both green and grey, Newell is an eternal sage.

This unique sideboard was painted in Newell by us here at River and Oak Living.

Cast Iron

Sturdy and bold, Cast Iron is a true off-black. This shade leans into its strong warm undertones and is as timeless and enduring as its namesake. 

This gorgeous dresser was painted in Cast Iron by us at River and Oak Living

Carriage House

A mid-tone shade that is effortlessly balanced with a punchy green and serene grey for a charming but grounding look.

This piece was painted by Lena White from 
Muse Studio & Market Inc

Looking to let your creativity explode with these new trending colours? Browse more inspiration today with our Fusion Mineral Paint Collection.